Build the store Features


Easy to Use Dashboard

Gain quick insights of your site’s performance as soon as you log in.

PCI Compliant

With increased threats of online fraud and identity theft, security is important. We are dedicated to keeping your site's most sensitive sales and customer data safe from harms way. We take security seriously. We are certified PCI/DSS compliant.

Complete Payment Processing

No merchant account is needed. Build the Store handles all of your credit card processing. Your customer’s credit card statements will discreetly read charges by

SEO Friendly

Potential customers must be able to find your store using search engines. We provide you with the tools you need to get noticed on search engines. Build the Store supports best practices like customizable H1, title and Meta tags and SEO friendly URLS. You can also edit every product in the system to create unique content, and Build the Store follows the “Rich Snippets” protocol that search engines utilize.

Orders Shipped Super Fast

Build the Store ships most orders out the same day it is received. All orders leave the fulfillment center within 24 business hours of the Order Confirmation being sent.

Customer Support

All customer support is handled so you can focus on marketing your site instead of answering customer questions.

Your Customers, Not Ours

You work hard for your traffic and your customers. You should be able to keep them! We do not market to your customers in any way. The only contact we will have with your customers is if there is a problem with their order, or they contact us for support.

Full Category Customization

Turn on / off, rename, or change the order of any category. Set the Meta Data for every category / sub category.

Create Your Own Best Sellers and Featured Products

Choose your own Best Sellers and Featured products based on your customer’s purchases and search history. Make “New Releases” stick around longer than normal to keep it in your customers face is a powerful tool.

Set Your Own Pricing

You can customize your pricing. Build the Store allows you to set pricing by manufacturer, individual product or all items to allow you to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Set Your Own Shipping Prices

Set shipping prices on a tiered or flat rate basis, independently for each supplier you have enabled on your site.

Automatic Inventory Management

Reduce backorders and increases sales by making sure your product statuses and quantities are always up-to-date.

Powerful WYSIWYG Editing Capabilities

It’s easy to build your own look and feel of your Website. Just use our "What You See Is What You Get" editor to completely customize the way your site looks to your visitors.

Easy Site Migration

Avoid Page Not Found Errors with our easy to use site migration. Our redirect manager will allow you to quickly enter the links that already exist in search engines for your old hosting provider. Just enter a new destination page on your new Build The Store site.

Pre-designed Themes Available

Looking to get your site running quickly with minimal customization? We have several pre-designed site themes available. Simply add a logo, set your pricing and you are ready to go.

Complete CSS Customization

Full override all the site CSS to make the site look as unique as you wish.

Custom Pages

Content is king, and our Gold package allows you to create custom pages with any content you wish. Combined with our powerful token system, you can dynamically pull in product data such as pricing without having to continually go back and edit your pages.

Event Calendar

Holding events? Let your customers know! Add events to your calendar and display them, with event information, all in an easy to read interface for your customers.

Star Ratings and Customer’s Reviews

Build the Store allows customers to rate the products you offer and to give their own reviews. Word of mouth is the best marketing tools so the more reviews you have, the better informed your customers are.

Customer’s Questionnaire Available

Your customers input matters – on the final page of the checkout process you can ask your customers questions about their shopping experience. Feedback is invaluable!

Automatic Tax Collection

Forget the time and hassle spent entering tax rates and staying up to date on rate changes. Build the Store’s automatic tax calculation is now seamlessly included.

Instant Sales with QR Codes

Drive sales from even more places with our innovative new QR code tool. Now you can create a QR code for any product or promotion and track its effectiveness directly inside the cart, absolutely free. Print ads just got “clickable.”

Coupon Codes

Use Build the Store Coupon Codes to create sales, discounts and coupons to help promote your products.

Site Map Generation

Build the Store automatically generates sitemaps.xml files so new products and site changes are indexed and show up on search engines quickly.

Real Time Reports

With Sales, Customer Accounts and Email Newsletter signups, you can market to your customers even after they complete their purchase.

Custom Dictionary

Notice terms that your customers are using to search for items, and they are not getting any, or enough results? You can add your own custom translations in the dictionary to assist your customers.

Advanced API reports

All sales, customer account and products sold reports are available via a powerful API – make your bookkeepers day by giving them a simple link to auto-download reports in XML, Comma Delimited (CSV) or Tab Delimited (TDF) formats, for any date range, all without logging in.

Google Analytics

Build The Store is fully integrated with Google Analytics – giving you huge insights into what your customers are doing on your site, and where they came from – all in real time.

Uptime Guarantee

Keep your site up and running with our 99% Uptime Guarantee (See our Build the Store Contract for exclusions that apply.)

Get Started Fast

There is no software to download or install, no complicated files to configure, no special hardware to set up or programming experience necessary.